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The Best Local Instructors

We help students chart a path to academic and career success by utilizing our dedicated team of Instructors, custom matched to your student. Together, they build each student’s skillset and grow their unique talent to ensure a fulfilled life.

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Test Prep as Unique as You

High grades and test scores are essential to getting into the right college, and greatly increase the odds of being accepted to the school of your dreams. With our help, you will achieve test scores higher than you ever thought possible, while learning how to think critically and overcome obstacles of any size.

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Over 1,500 Value Added Videos

Nail your college placement exam- video answers for each question to supplement your instruction. From strategy and tailored plan of action, receive targeted guidance to help you achieve acceptance to the perfect school for you and your unique goals.

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the east bay prep advantage

All students deserve to succeed.

Today’s school system doesn’t prepare students with what they need to succeed in life.

You’re expected to ace your classes and standardized exams, find a top internship, write perfect college essays, have a career plan mapped out – all on your own, and without collapsing.

From the first moment you step onto high school campus, the clock starts ticking.

Without proper support, it’s easier than ever to be the one graduate who didn’t “make it”.

the east bay prep advantage

We make success your new baseline.

At East Bay Prep, we equip students with tools to lead a confident, successful life.

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We know how stressful transitioning to college can be.

That’s why we’ve helped hundreds of students
just like you chart career paths, achieve higher test scores, and get into the college of their dreams.


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The EBP Story

Located in the East Bay Area, California, EBP was formed by a husband and wife team for a single mission: to prepare students with everything they need to succeed in life.

While studying in college, our founders quickly realized something was missing from education. The current education system wasn’t preparing students for “the real world.” Looking back, our founders discovered they had wasted years navigating the education and business world without the right tools and guidance. Immediately, they committed themselves to helping younger generations avoid wasting their lives with what they should’ve had from the very beginning: true mentorship and test preparation.

When it comes down to it, the education system doesn’t teach kids to think for themselves. But with the right guidance and preparation students can find success in today’s complicated job market. At EBP, we’ve spent years studying human psychology and developed a revolutionary way to help kids think for themselves and guide them towards building a life they can be proud of.

For the last 5 years we’ve been helping students in the East Bay think for themselves, ace their exams, and boost their ACT/SAT score with minimal time to allow for busy schedules.

To get started today, schedule your consultation and don’t get left behind.

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"I cannot tell you how much they helped my daughter! Her SAT score went from a 23 to a 30. Besides being more affordable than most ACT/SAT tutors, Michael and his wife Rachel are so friendly and accommodating... I am actually sad that we won't be working with them anymore. I cry every time I think about how much they helped my daughter. Thank you East Bay Prep!"

Mimi M. (Danville, CA)

"Look no further....East Bay Prep is the absolutely the BEST ACT Prep Class!
Honestly daughter went from feeling anxiety with taking the ACT to a confident and smart test taker, BEYOND the ACT!!!
The team at East Bay Prep is one-of-kind.  
Best outcomes...thank you East Bay Prep!"

Jennifer R (San Ramon, CA)

"I do not know what I would have done without East Bay Prep. This is by far the Best Act Prep Class. On my first practice ACT, I had... a 26. Four months later, on my real ACT, my score had gone up to a 33, which was way better than I could have imagined. Going every other Sunday morning for four months was actually enjoyable... the team was so nice and approachable."

Kaitlin P (Pittsburg, CA)